How would the world be without coffee, potatoes and beer

We may have to say goodbye to the food we choose and this is also due to climate change.
Due to temperature changes and the weather cycle, it may be difficult to grow crops and also kill fish and animals.
Let’s see what things can disappear from your dish in the future and what will be the cause of it.
Coffee and tea
If you are tempted to eat fresh cakes of tea or coffee while waking up in the morning, there is bad news for you.
Due to global warming, by 2050, the situation will be so good that the land becomes suitable for coffee production, and will be half day. Not only that, but many wild coffee species will become extinct by 2080.
Tanzania is currently one of the main exporters of Chak. In the last 50 years, coffee production has dropped by half.
If you think you can leave coffee and start drinking tea, you can hardly escape. Indian scientists have given you bad news.
Tea gardens feed on monsoon rains, but the effect of increasing their intensity over the past few days has also affected the taste of tea.
So prepare yourself to drink less tea like water next time.
Chocolate is also involved in things that are affected by global warming. Cocoa beans require more temperature and humidity.
But more than that, they need stability.
Demand for cocoa plants is greater than demand for coffee plants, but temperature, rainfall, soil quality, sunlight or wind speed also affect yield.
Cocoa farmers from Indonesia and Africa began to grow palm trees or rubber.
In the next 40 years, the average temperature in Ghana and Ivory Coast is estimated to be two degrees higher. These are countries that meet two-thirds of the demand for cocoa in the world.
Of course, because of this, you hardly get the chocolate in the future.
Fish and chips
The volume of fish becomes smaller, because the amount of oxygen dissolved in it decreases due to sea temperature rise. Because of the absorption of more carbon dioxide, ocean waters are becoming more acidic – oysters are difficult to form, such as oysters.
Direct evidence is also available – the amount of fish caught worldwide has declined by 5%. Those who fish in the North Sea receive less than a third of the fish.
What is the potato
Although potatoes grow inside the earth, they are often affected by dry fruits.
According to the British media, because of the heat in 2018, due to heat, potatoes fell by a quarter, while potatoes were reduced to three centimeters on average.
The 600-year-old Cognac industry in southwest France faces the crisis. Because of the high temperature, the sweetness of the grape has increased considerably because of a problem in brand creation.
For this reason, producers are now thinking about alternatives. Every year, millions of euros are spent on research to address this problem, but so far, no special success has been achieved.
In the north, it is also hard to use the famous whiskey in Scotland. Whiskey makers are upset. Because of global warming due to drought conditions, they are unable to access fresh water.
Last summer, many factories had to close down which forced to make several types of whiskey. Meteorologists warn that the weather is constantly increasing.
According to the UK National Weather Service, when compared to the industrial age in the past, summer in the British Isles has now seen tremendous heat, and the fear of drought has increased 30 times.

In the UK and Ireland, summer is likely to be severe every eight years, and in other countries, the situation will not be different.

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