What are Bitcoin Faucet? 3 Best Bitcoin Faucet

A faucet is a website or a mobile application that rewards its visitors or users by "paying" them, that is to say by paying them tokens or satoshis (the smallest unit used in the bitcoin protocol), in consideration of the time spent and actions performed. The user who wants to win small fractions of bitcoins and altcoins(because there are faucets as much for the bitcoin as for alternative cryptocurrency) must first perform micro tasks, consisting for example to fill a captcha, provide an e-mail address, answer a quiz, watch online ads , participate in a poll or even eliminate creatures or characters in an online game. To be paid in a secure and anonymous way, the user will first have to create a wallet that will receive micro-payments from the faucet site. For the record, the first bitcoin faucet, called The Bitcoin Faucet, was created by a certain Gavin Andresen in 2010. He distributed, at that time when the bitcoin was still worth only 0.08 dollar, 5 bitcoins per person.
We would like to introduce three Bitcoin Faucets at this point.


More serious than Cointiply it will not be in this list anymore. The site is as clear as a Bitcoin-Faucet website can be. Every 60 minutes you can roll out, there are prizes of up to 300,000 Satoshis, it says on the website. Won Satoshis users can then multiply with some luck.

  • Participate: Resolve captcha (in writing)
  • Multiplier works and was (successfully) tested by the author
  • Relatively tidy page
  • Roll: every 60 minutes
  • Lift-Minimum: 1 BTC

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin does what it needs to do. Every 15 minutes, the inclined Satoshi Hunter can play up to 5,000 Satoshis. Another advantage: any amount, however small it may be, can be withdrawn.

  • Participate: solve captcha
  • Multiplier does not work (currently)
  • Relatively tidy page
  • Roll: every 15 minutes, so probably the most lucrative option in this list


The big advantage of FreeBitcoin : The site is without advertising. Accordingly, this Bitcoin Faucet looks tidy.

  • Participate: solve captcha
  • Multiplier less fun and productive than Cointiply
  • Relatively tidy page
  • Roll: every 60 minutes
  • Lift-Minimum: 30,000 Satoshi
  • Maximum profit: 2,700 Satoshi


If you do not play, you can’t win. But in order to win, you have to play a lot, and in so many cases the calculus takes over the opportunity costs: Because time is money. For first steps in Bitcoin Faucets are certainly a nice gimmick. But if you really want to earn something, you either have to have a good deal of luck or (very) a lot of time. Of course you can hodln won tokens as well. Because: Who does not honor the Satoshi, is not worth the Bitcoin.

Have fun and above all, good luck.

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